Join the PREPARTY by applying to Ung Nordisk Musik 2025
in Uusimaa, Finland


Ung Nordisk Musik (UNM) is back to announce its next open Call for Works for the 2025  PREPARTY celebration in Uusimaa, Finland. With the 80th anniversary year quickly approaching in 2026, we decided to kick off the celebration a little early. How we celebrate is up to you—read on to learn about the 2025 festival and how you can take part. 

UNM is a joint organization spanning the Nordic and Baltic countries, whose mission is to promote the work of young music makers and sound artists by producing a yearly festival. Founded in 1946, making it one of the oldest festivals of its kind, UNM has been a meeting place for creators under the age of 31 to exchange thoughts, musical ideas and establish new connections with others from across Northern Europe.

This Call for Works is open to all artists and collectives who have been born on the 1st of January 1994 or after, and who are citizens of or are permanently residing in one of the Nordic or Baltic countries. We believe that PREPARTYING is a celebration for everyone—that means you! We encourage all those interested to apply regardless of race, religion, gender, background, education, or artistic style.

Five works from each Nordic country (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland), and two works from each of the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) will be selected in this year’s call for works. The selection of works is made by independent juries representing each participating country. 

The festival will take place 25.-31.8.2025 throughout Uusimaa, Finland. 

Joining the PREPARTY are Tapiola Sinfonietta and Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, Finland’s premiere student contemporary group NYKY Ensemble, as well as a festival choir. Our call also supports artists or collectives whose sonic or musical practices are formed by the use of  electronics, installations, multidisciplinary, and/or multi-media practices. Exact Information on the instrumentation and specifications for each ensemble can be found under "Terms and Conditions''.

This year we are also announcing a residency. More information about this is available on our Artist-In-Residence page.

Please read through the terms and conditions for the open call carefully before submitting.

Join the Ung Nordisk Musik (UNM) PREPARTY by sending in your application today!



Our  PREPARTY  theme is all about anticipation, excitement, and setting the stage for the biggest party yet. It’s a reminder to celebrate and savor all those special moments, times, and histories that have come before. We're looking for music and projects that are as bold and colorful as our theme—whatever that special thing is that makes you unique. But don’t overthink it, we will have plenty of glitz and glamor to keep that PREPARTY vibe rolling concert to concert!


1. The application is open to all Finnish citizens and/or residents born on January 1st 1994 or later AND/OR are a full-time student in the field of arts or music on or before June 30th 2024, and you do not hold a previous master’s degree in music or the arts. In group applications, all group members must meet the requirements in order to apply.

2. UNM consists of Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. An applicant who is eligible to apply to the open call from more than one country may only send in one application, or else their applications will be disqualified.

3. In the Finnish Call for Works, applicants may only participate in the festival every other year. Applicants who will participate in the UNM festival 2024 cannot apply in this year’s Call for Works or Artist-in-Residence.

4. The UNM Call for Works is anonymous. Applications to the Call for Works are sent through the application form. Only applications sent through the form will be accepted. Applicants enter their personal information and pseudonym via the application form. The pseudonym must be such that it is impossible to identify the applicant. The personal information submitted via the application form will only be seen by the boards of UNM and used for administrative purposes. This information will be stored for a maximum of 5 years after which it will be deleted.

5. Attachments to the application have to be anonymised. Ensure that any attachments or materials you submit do not contain names, dedications, performer information, watermarks or other identifying data in any form. Please also check the metadata for audio and video files. However, make sure your pseudonym is visible on each page of the documents attached. If you send a score the application must also include an audio recording/MIDI file or a written description of the composition.

6. The selection process includes a gender quota which will be realized from two lists - male (M) and non-male (NM). 2 works with the highest points from each list will be selected. The final and third selection will be that work which has received the highest points from either list. Thus, either a 2M+3NM or 3M+2NM combination of representatives will be selected for the festival.

7. Each applicant may apply with a total of 2 works. If an applicant participates in the call as part of a group with a single work, they may participate as an individual with one work. If the applicant's group/collective applies with 2 works, members of the group cannot participate as individuals. If the applicant applies to the residency organised by UNM Finland, they can apply in UNM Finland Call for Works with one work as an individual or as part of a group. In the event that an applicant's work is selected for both  categories, they can decide with which work they would like to be represented by at the festival.

8. A total of 5 works will be selected in the call for works. In addition to this, runner-ups will be announced. If the performance of a selected work is canceled, a replacement work will be selected from among the runner-ups. Attendance is expected from the artist selected to participate in the festival throughout the festival week. The performance of a selected work may be canceled if the selected artist is unable to attend the festival.

9. UNM Finland commits to producing a performance or exhibition of all selected works, however, here we provide more information on next year’s specific festival ensembles. 

      NYKY Ensemble can accommodate works up to 6 players with or without electronics and video

      Avanti! Chamber Orchestra can accommodate works up to (1111/1111/01/str + guitar (doubling banjo and mandolin) without or without                          electronics and video

      Tapiola Sinfionetta can accommodate works up to (1111/1100 /01/str + up to 2 additional additional players at the composers discretion.                    without electronics 

      Festival Choir can accommodate works up to 3S.3A.3T.3B

10. The application deadline is June 30th 2024 at 23:59 Finnish time (EEST). After that, the application form will be closed.

11. UNM Finland verifies the applicants' eligibility and checks the attachments sent through the application form before submitting them to the jury. If necessary, UNM Finland may ask the applicantto amend or supplement their application. It is the applicant's responsibility to submit the requested changes or documents by the end of the application period. After the application period ends, applications cannot be changed or amended, so please submit your application early enough.

12. For all questions related to the call, please contact or by phone +358407682070 (Chair, Suomen UNM ry). We will confirm by email that we have received each application to the email address provided on the application form by July 12th 2024